Children's Entertainment

Having a Children's Birthday Party or Christening / Communion Celebration?

Well look no further!


Children's events have become extremely popular with our team over the years and thats because when we are entertaining your children, its a stress free day for you!


We have a such large range of services you can book for your child's event. Book with us and all you will be required to do is book the venue and invite your guests!

Children's Entertainer Hire around the North West, Lancashire and Cheshire 
Childrens Entertainment Hire around the North West, Lancashire and Cheshire 
From As Little As £135!

Our Children's Entertainers always include a Mobile Disco / Children's DJ.

This is because our entertainers have specific music tracks for each party game and also

have full use of the microphone, so that all your guests can hear what party games we are playing.

When you're having a family celebration such as Christenings, Communions or even a Naming Celebration, it can be very difficult to greet your guests and be able to have a conversation with them when all the children are running around.


So thats where we come in!

Our experienced DBS Checked Children's Entertainers will keep your children busy from start to finish. 

As well as keeping the children busy with Balloon Modelling, Punch Balloons & Party Games,

later into the party we will aim to get the adults involved with one or two games so that

the event is fun for all ages be it from 5 to 85 years old!
We guarantee all your guests will have a smile on their faces!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Whats Included

When booking our children's entertainers, you will receive all of the following:

  • Mobile Disco

  • Children's DJ & Entertainer

  • Balloon Modelling

  • Punch Balloons

  • Large Range of Games

  • Prizes Supplied

Having other services such as Animals attending the event?

Don't worry we have that covered!

When booking other forms of entertainment as well as ourselves, there can be the worry of how

it will all go in regards timings, games, etc.

But with our team you won't have that worry.

We are very experienced with childrens events and so have the knowledge to easily work around any additional services you may have booked

With animal appearances for instance, we will always lower the music down 

whenever animals are attending, both for the animals welfare and for health and safety purposes.

Children's Party Games

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