Party Package Four

This package is designed to give your venue the WOW-factor!

Not only will all your tables, chairs and walls be decorated, but you'll also have the fun

of having your very own selfie frame. That way you can get pictures to truly remember your special night.

* 100 x Chair Covers

* 10 x 3 Balloon Clusters

* 1 x Giant Guest Cards

* 1 x 5ft Personalised Banner

* 1 x A2 Personalised Poster

* 6 x Personalised Strip Banners

* 1 x Personalised Selfie Frame

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Chair Decoration

Chair covers are designed to brighten your venue up and make it that extra bit special.

Not only can our chair covers fit on 90% of chairs, but they also come with any coloured sash on each one, free of charge!

With this package you'll receive up to 100 bright white chair covers along with a coloured sash to match your theme. 

Balloon Clusters

Any party is incomplete without balloons! 

They are the perfect decoration for tables, arched over the buffet or even a great take-home gift!

We provide a large selection of balloons in all colours, styles, themes etc and we are proud to present character balloons also. 

Whether you are after balloon clusters, balloon arches or themed balloons, we will be happy to supply to match your event. Using top quality helium, and balloons as well as our secret formula which can make latex balloons last for weeks, you can be assured that we will not disappoint! 

Giant Guest Card

This Giant Personalised Guest Card is sized at “16×24″, and is made from 3 ML Foam Board. 


We do guests cards for a number of occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays and Christenings. 


Add your own photo and a personal message to all our personalised products.

These are a fun and different way for all your guests to sign and leave you a special message on your wedding, christening or birthday.

Banner Package

Our banner package is perfect for any event be it Birthday, Christening or Communion.

Each banner and poster will include any wording of your choice,

any colour scheme and also 1 x image of your choice!

This package includes

1 x 5ft Personalised Banner

1 x A2 Personalised Poster

6 x Personalised Strip Banners

Selfie Frames

Selfie Frames are a fun and effective way to not only advertise your business or event, but its also a great way to get your guests and customers to interact and engage with you.

Our personalised social media frames provide great entertainment at every event. We have all your favourites, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more!

Balloon Arch
Additional Services

Balloon Arches are perfect for decorating your buffet area and gives your colour

scheme the extra touch!

All the balloons on this arch will match the three colours of your clusters so that it fits in nicely. All our balloons are inflated the same day as your event, so that the helium will last as long as possible. We also put high quality fluid inside our balloons to help them last up to 5 times longer!