Wedding Package Five

This package is designed to give you and your guests a night to remember!

It not only entertains all your guests with our stunning Magic Selfie Mirror Booth, but also

gives your venue that extra sparkle with our LED Starlit Dancefloor!

With this budget package, you can make your night just how you want it!

Wedding DJ

2 Hours Magic Selfie Mirror

LED Starlit Dancefloor

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Wedding DJ

A Wedding DJ has one of the most important roles at every event but moreso at weddings because the music is the one thing that starts and finishes your night off. Having had over 10 years experience in the events industry, we know instinctively how to read a crowd so as to play the right music for you and your guests. By doing this we create the perfect mood, from the first dance to the last dance of the evening, giving you and your guests a night to remember!

Magic Selfie Mirror

The new Magic Selfie Mirror has taken the UK by storm with it being the latest craze for weddings and events. No matter what your occasion is be it Wedding or Children's Party, our mirror is the perfect addition to your event to keep your guests entertained throughout the day/night.

The Magic Selfie Mirror is a brilliant alternative to the classic Photo Booth hire.

With this amazing technology, it will call over your guests to come and smile for the camera so that everyone knows it's there and to make the most of it!

Starlit Twinkle Dancefloor

Our stunning LED Starlit Dancefloor is perfect to give your event that WOW-Factor.

Be it that special day for you and your partner or a celebration party, it is that must have extra to make your venue sparkle and twinkle like the stars themselves.

When booking our starlit dance floor, our specialist trained staff will arrive at your venue within plenty of time to get it all set up. With over 10 years experience in the events industry, it only take us 20 minutes to set it all up once we have accessed your venue.

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