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Our sweet wheel is the perfect alternative to the tradional candy and sweet cart hire. Perfect for any event from Weddings and Engagements to Christenings and Communions. Covering all around the North West, Cheshire and Lancashire areas.

Sweet Wheel Hire
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High Branded Sweets

Indulge Your Guests with a Sweet Treat: The Candy Table and Candy Ferris Wheel

When it comes to planning a party or event, one of the key elements that can make it truly memorable is the food. And what better way to treat your guests than with a delightful selection of sweets? At Mersey Entertainment, we offer a range of options to satisfy your sweet tooth, including our candy table and candy Ferris wheel.

Our candy table is the perfect addition to any event, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or corporate gathering. We provide a wide range of sweets, from classic favourites like humbugs, toffees, and sherbet lemons, to modern choices like millions, rainbow drops, and Haribo. No matter what your guests' preferences are, we have something to suit everyone's taste buds.

If you have a specific theme for your event, we can decorate the candy table to match. Whether it's a color scheme, a specific theme, or a personalized touch, we can create a beautiful display that will impress your guests and add a touch of sweetness to your event.

For larger events, our candy Ferris wheel is the perfect choice. Standing at 4ft tall and fully rotational, it can hold enough sweets for up to 400 guests. Imagine the delight on your guests' faces as they spin the wheel and choose their favorite treats. We provide all the necessary accessories, including sweet bags, scoops, and tongs, to ensure that your guests can enjoy their sweets with ease. Additionally, if you prefer an attendant to serve your guests, we can arrange that as well.

Looking for an alternative to traditional sweets? We also offer the option of cupcakes on our candy Ferris wheel. Our personalized, home-baked cupcakes are the perfect addition to any event. Whether you want them to match your event's theme or feature a special design, we can create cupcakes that will not only look stunning but taste delicious as well.

At Mersey Entertainment, we understand the importance of providing a memorable experience for you and your guests. Our candy table and candy Ferris wheel are just some of the ways we can help you create a sweet and unforgettable event. So, why not treat your guests to a delightful selection of sweets and add a touch of sweetness to your special day?

Top Branded Sweets

We only use the top branded sweets for our sweet wheels!

Bags & Scoop

All our wheels come supplied with scoops and bags for you and all your guest

6ft Tall

Our wheel goes as high as 6ft when sat on a table. Making it easier for all your guests to access.

Fully Rotatable

Our wheels can rotate all the way around so that it's easier for you and your guests to access the sweets.


Would you prefer cupcakes? Well, our wheels can hold up to 80 cupcakes!

50 / 50

Would you like cupcakes and sweets? Well, you can have both! 

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